My lab is a space for science, creativity, education, and diversity and all these dimensions are at the same level. I believe that to be solid scientists we need to be well educated and trained, be creative, develop as reliable colleagues, mentor others, and appreciate the value of diversity because each of us is unique. Please, learn more about our research here and here, our current team and past members here, my educational philosophy here, and my diversity philosophy here. (Jimena Giudice).

Summary of our science

Alternative splicing is an RNA processing mechanism that explains how individual genes can produce more than one transcript due to the inclusion or exclusion of specific regions originating multiple protein isoforms with diverse features. More than 95% of human genes undergo alternative splicing. This high prevalence raises the question of how developmental stage- and tissue-specific splicing influences protein function and how this regulation occurs.

In the lab, we are interested on identifying the regulatory mechanisms that control alternative splicing of trafficking and membrane dynamics proteins in normal development and diseases. A second angle of our research program aims to understand the functional implications of alternative splicing impacts in cell biology and physiology.

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