I am convinced that science and research are educational activities and professions. Our daily goal is to learn what we don’t know yet. Then, we communicate our new knowledge to the community and the society. 

The educational flow is the basis of a research lab: mentor – mentee interactions, relationships between colleagues, with other scientists outside the lab, with new members.

My lab aims to be an educational environment for every member. 

My goal as a mentor is to create and maintain the educational philosophy within the lab and to help each member to develop a scientific career, to grow up as solid scientists, and as good colleagues.

My training plan will include: training in the bench, regular one-on-one meetings to discuss the project (s), results, and troubleshootings, internal lab meetings, group meetings with other research teams, opportunities to attend to seminars / meetings, to practice your presentations, to learn and grow up in writing and presenting your results and proposals (manuscripts, posters, abstracts, fellowship applications, etc), developing projects, career discussions.

I believe that our main educational sensor is if we grew up during the process, if we are better scientists at the end in comparison with the starting point.

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