April 2020. Gabby Gentile and Nicole Rivera both got awarded GRFP fellowships from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to fund their graduate training! Congrats! We are so proud of you.

March 2020. We published a new research article in the Journal of Cell Biology. Great collaboration with Amy Gladfelter at UNC-Chapel Hill and Marko Horb at MBL! Link

2020 January. We published a magazine article for The Scientist entitled: “Alternative Splicing Provides a Broad Menu of Proteins for Cells” and is authored by Gabrielle M. Gentile, Hannah J. Wiedner, Emma R. Hinkle, and Jimena Giudice. Read it here

2019 November. Hannah Wiedner passed her Oral Exam as a Ph.D. student of the GMB curriculum. Congratulations Hannah!

2019 October. Emma Hinkle passed her Oral Exam as a Ph.D. student of the GMB curriculum. Congratulations Emma!

2019 October. The entire lab participated in the 2019 Symposium on RNA Biology XIII: RNA Tool and Target. Adam presented a a wonderful short talk, Jimena chaired the “RNA processing session”, and Gabby, Hannah W, Emma, Hannah C, and Eddie presented amazing posters!

2019 September.  Gabby Gentile, Emma Hinkle, Hannah Wiedner and Jimena Giudice participated in the Annual Retreat of the Department of Genetics and the GMB and BCB graduate programs in Wilmington.  Jimena presented a talk and Emma and Hannah presented their posters.

2019 August. Adam Black, Emma Hinkle, Hannah Wiedner and Jimena Giudice participated in the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory meeting “mRNA Eukaryotic Processing”. Hannah’s abstract was selected for a platform presentation. Adam and Emma presented their work in the poster sessions.

2019 July. Nicole Rivera joins the lab as a PREP scholar. Welcome Nicole!

2019 July. Adam Black receives prestigious F32 Postdoctoral Fellowship from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Congrats Adam!

2019 July.  Our review is published!

Black AJ, Gamarra JR, Giudice J. (2019). More than a messenger: Alternative splicing as a therapeutic target. BBA – Gene Regulatory Mechanisms. in press

2018 June. Gabby Gentile appointed in T32 training grant from MiBio . Congrats, Gabby. We are so proud of you!

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2019 May. Hannah Wiedner receives prestigious Predoctoral Fellowship from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Congrats Hannah!

2019 May. Gabrielle Gentile joins the lab as a GMB Ph.D. student! Welcome on board Gabby!!!

April 2019. Jimena Giudice awarded a Career Development Award from the American Heart Association. This award provides three years of funding (USD 210,000).

2019 May. Lab lunch to celebrate numerous awards and events: R01-NIGMS, AHA Career Development Award to Jimena Giudice, NSF to Hannah Wiedner, poster award to Jennifer Gamarra, selected talks for Emma Hinkle, Hannah Wiedner, Jennifer Gamarra, and Nichlas Engels, we say good bye to our great undergrads Micaela Jackson, Isabel Hoerr, Jackie Davi, and Becky Chen. Beautiful lunch moment.

2019 April. Undergrads Jackie Davi, Eddie Torres, Micaela Jackson and Hannah Cafaro presented their work in the Undergraduate Student Symposium. They did a great job presenting their posters!. We especially thank also their direct mentors: Hannah Wiedner, Adam Black and Emma Hinkle.

2019 April. Jenn Gamarra won Poster Award in the Women in Science (WinS) Symposium. Congrats Jenn!

2019 March. Adam Black presented a poster in the IVB/McAllister Heart Institute symposium. He did a great job presenting his work!

2019 February. We are grateful and honored to have been awarded our first RO1 from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

2019 February. Our review is published!

Hinkle ER, Wiedner HJ#, Black AJ#, Giudice J. (2019). RNA processing in skeletal muscle biology and disease. Transcription10 (1): 1-20. [#equal contribution]

2018 December.- Holiday lunch! Great time!!!

2018 November.- Congratulations to Jenn Gamarra for wining the most outstanding poster award in Cell Biology in the ABRCMS 2018 in Indianapolis!

2018 November.- Jenn Gamarra, Ennessa Curry, Elise Sloey, and Gabby Gentile presented their posters in the BBSP poster session.

2018 November.- Gabby Gentile and Elise Sloey join the lab for their second BBSP rotation. Welcome!!

2018 October.-  Our paper is out!

Blue RE, Koushik A, Engels NM, Wiedner HJ, Cooper TA, Giudice J. (2018). Modulation of alternative splicing of trafficking genes by genome editing reveals functional consequences in muscle biology. International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

2018 August.- Ennessa Curry re-joins the lab now as a First-year graduate student for her first rotation. Welcome back Ennessa!!!

2018 August.- Hannah Cafaro joins the lab as a work-study student. Welcome Hannah!

2018 August.- Hannah Wiedner and Emma Hinkle passed their GMB written exams! Congratulations!!!

2018 August.- Eddie Torres presented his poster in the Undergraduate Research Symposium. UNC Chapel Hill. Emma Hinkle and Hannah Wiedner were his mentor in this project.

2018 July.- Jimena Giudice presented an oral contribution in the “Second International Caparica Conference in Splicing”, Caparica, Portugal.

2018 June.- Jimena Giudice presented a short talk in the Gordon Research Conference “Lysosomes and Endocytosis”, Andover, NH.

2018 June.- Jimena Giudice and Ennessa Curry invited to present a workshop about how to keep good lab notebooks to the new UNC-PREP Scholars

2018 June.- Hannah Wiedner and Emma Hinkle appointed in T32 training grants from MiBio and GMB, respectively. Congrats!!!!! We are so proud of you!

2018 June.- Jennifer Gamarra joins the lab as a PREP-UNC scholar. Welcome Jennifer!

2018 May.- Ennessa Curry graduated from the PREP-UNC program and won the third place award for her talk presentation in the final symposium. Congrats Ennessa, we are so proud of you!

2018 May.- Review article is published in the Journal of Cell Science!: How alternative splicing affects membrane trafficking by RE Blue, Curry EG#, Engels NM#, Lee EY and Giudice J.  [#equal contribution]

2018 May.- Eddie Torres joins the lab as a Summer Chancellor Scholar. Welcome, Eddie!

2018 May.- Micaela Jackson joins the lab as an undergraduate research assistant. Welcome on board!

2018 April.- Hannah Wiedner and Emma Hinkle  join the lab for their Ph.D. theses. We are so happy and honored to have you both on board!

2018 April.- Becky Chen and Jessica Harrison presented their posters in the Undergraduate Research Symposium. They did it great!

2018 April.- Jimena Giudice awarded a Basil O’Connor Starter Scholar Research Award from the March of Dimes Foundation. Wonderful news for the lab!

2018 March.- Ennessa Curry accepted the offer from UNC-Chapel Hill for Graduate School. Congratulations, Ennessa!

2018 February.- Emma Hinkle joins the lab as a rotation student (Spring). Welcome Emma!

2018 January.- Adam Black joins the lab as a postdoctoral research associate. Welcome Adam!

2017 October.- Review article published in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology “Alternative splicing as a regulator of development and tissue identity” (Baralle & Giudice) was included in the Nature Web-collection entitled “mRNA splicing: 40 years on”

2017 October.- We participated in the 2017 Symposium on RNA Biology XII: RNA Tool and Target. We presented four posters!

1. Hannah Wiedner won the Best Poster Award in the category Basic RNA Biology! Congrats Hannah!

2. Isabel Hoerr, Becky Chen, and Hannah Wiedner got travel awards. Congrats!


2017 September.- Jimena Giudice presented a seminar in the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), Trieste, Italy, hosted by Dr. Francisco Baralle.

2017 August.- Hannah Wiedner joins the lab for her first rotation as a first year BBSP graduate student. Welcome Hannah!

2017 August.- Marvin Meza Jarquin, Jackie Davi, and Jessica Harrisson join the lab as undergraduate research assistant. Welcome!!!

2017 August.- We say good bye to Susan Ngo. All the best for your new step as a Pharmacy graduate student, dear Susan.

2017 July.- Ennessa Curry joins the lab as a UNC-Chapel Hill PREP (Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program) Scholar. Welcome Ennessa!

2017 July.- Review article is published in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology!: “Alternative splicing as a regulator of development and tissue identity“. Baralle & Giudice. And the review is mentioned in the cover!


2017 June.- Collaborative review article with Joan Taylor (UNC) has been published in Current Opinion in Pharmacology: “Muscle as a paracrine and endocrine organ”. Giudice & Taylor.

2017 February.- We got awarded a Pilot & Feasibility Grant from the Nutrition and Obesity Center (NORC) – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This award will support our studies on: “Alternative splicing and nutrient uptake: effects on striated muscle homeostasis during postnatal development”

2017 January.- Welcome Mazin Nour, Isabel Hoerr, and Nic Engels  to the lab!

2016 December.- Jimena awarded Junior Faculty Development AwardThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This award will partially support one of our projects in the lab!

2016 December.- We contributed to the collaborative study published in Cell Death and Disease! “Heme oxygenase-1 in the forefront of a multi-molecular network that governs cell-cell contacts and filopodia-induced zippering in prostate cancer” http://www.nature.com/cddis/journal/v7/n12/full/cddis2016420a.html

2016 November.- Cell Reports paper si published!


2016 October.– Jimena’s paper with Baylor – UNC double affiliation has been published in Scientific Reports!

2016 October.– Susan Ngo joined the lab! Welcome!


2016 September.– Welcome Becky and Alex to the lab! We are starting our experiments!


2016 July.-  Eunice Lee  joins the lab. Welcome, on board Eunice!

2016 July.- Our lab is almost ready for experiments! and Eunice will join us at the end of July!


2016 May.- Jimena’s abstract has been selected for a platform presentation at the Weinstein Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration Conference 2016

2016 May.- Welcome Eric! Our best Lab Manager!

2016 March.– Jimena joins UNC! Here’s the lab



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