Postdoctoral Research Associate

Department of Cell Biology and Physiology, School of Medicine

2018 January –

Funding in the lab

2019 – 2022. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI-NIH) F32 postdoctoral fellowship

Contact information

6330 Medical Biomolecular Research Building

111 Mason Farm Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27599



Education and training

Ph.D. Integrative and Biomedical Physiology, Penn State Hershey College of Medicine, USA, 2011-2017

B.Sc. Biology, Millersville University, USA, 2006


  • Hinkle ER#, Wiedner HJ#, Torres E, Jackson M, Black AJ, Blue RE, Harris SE, Guzman BB, Gentile GM, Lee EY, Tsai Y-H , Parker J, Dominguez D, Giudice J. (2022). Alternative splicing regulation of membrane trafficking genes during myogenesis. RNA, 28 (4): 523-540. # co-first authors.
  • Black AJ, Gamarra JR, Giudice J. (2019). More than a messenger: alternative splicing as a therapeutic target. BBA – Gene Regulatory Mechanisms, 1862 (11-12): 194395. doi: 10.1016/j.bbagrm.2019.06.006.
  • Hinkle ER, Wiedner HJ#, Black AJ#, Giudice J. (2019). RNA processing in skeletal muscle biology and disease. Transcription10 (1): 1-20.
  • Black AJ, Ravi S,  Jefferson LS, Kimball SR, Schilder RJ.  (2017). Dietary fat quantity and type induce transcriptome wide effects on alternative splicing of pre-mRNA in rat skeletal muscle. Journal of Nutrition, 147 (9): 1648-1657.
  • Black AJ, Gordon BS, Dennis MD, Jefferson LS, Kimball SR.  (2016). Regulation of protein and mRNA expression of the mTORC1 repressor REDD1 in response to leucine and serum. Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports, 8: 296-301.
  • Turbitt WJ, Black AJ, Collins SD, Meng H, Xu H, Washington S, Aliaga C, El-Bayoumy K, Manni A, Rogers CJ.  (2015). Fish oil enhances T cell function and tumor infiltration and is correlated with a cancer prevention effect in HER-2/neu but not PyMT transgenic mice. Nutrition and Cancer, 67 (6): 965-975.

Honors and awards

  • 2019 Symposium on RNA biology XIII: RNA tool and target, abstract selected for a platform presentation, 10/2019
  • Penn State College of Medicine, Dr. Eugene Rannels, Jr., Award 2018 for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation entitled: “Characterization of the high-fat diet-induced effects on pre-mRNA alternative splicing in skeletal muscle: A focus on fatty acids and troponin T3
  • Penn State College of Medicine, Howard Morgan Travel Award, 2017
  • Advances in Skeletal Muscle Biology and Disease Conference, University of Florida, Outstanding abstract awarded an oral presentation, 2017
  • Penn State College of Medicine, Dean’s Travel Award, 2016
  • Huck Institute, Graduate Travel Award, 2016
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