If you want to join a new research team, learn, design and perform experiments, develop as a scientist, and drive a research project see below:


1. We are looking for highly motivated postdocs

Please send your CV, a short letter describing your research interests together with your career goals, and contact information for three references to Jimena Giudice: jimena_giudice@med.unc.edu

2. Rotation students and Ph.D. candidates are welcome to join the lab

Please send your CV and brief description of your research interests and motivation to Jimena Giudice: jimena_giudice@med.unc.edu

Potential projects

  1. Trafficking and alternative splicing interplay in development and diseases
  2. Mechano-sensitive alternative splicing networks
  3. How paralog RNA binding proteins regulate alternative splicing in opposite directions
  4. Exploring the role of chromatin dynamics in splicing regulation in the context of organ development and cell differentiation.

Ph.D. programs

1) Cell Biology & Physiology (CBP)

2) Genetics & Molecular Biology (GMB)

3. Undergrads with high GPAs are welcome to join the lab to drive well defined research projects

Please send your resume and a paragraph explaining your motivation to Jimena Giudice: jimena_giudice@med.unc.edu

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