Graduate Student – GMB curriculum

Department of Cell Biology and Physiology, School of Medicine

2018 February – present

Funding in the lab

2018-2019. GMBT32 training program (NIH-NIGMS)

Contact information

6330 Medical Biomolecular Research Building

111 Mason Farm Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Phone: 919-962-6260



B.Sc., Genetics. North Carolina State University, 2013-2017

B.A., English. North Carolina State University, 2013-2017


  • Hinkle ER, Wiedner HJ, Black AJ, Giudice J. (2019). RNA processing in skeletal muscle biology and disease. Transcription 10 (1): 1-20.
  • Schertzer MD, Thulson E, Braceros KCA, Lee DM, Hinkle ER, Murphy RM, Kim SO, Vitucci ECM, Calabrese JM. (2019). A piggyBac-based toolkit for inducible genome editing in mammalian cells. RNA 25 (8): 1047-1058.

Magazine Article

  • Gentile GM, Wiedner HJ, Hinkle ER, Giudice J. (2020) Alternative splicing provides a broad menu of proteins for cells. The Scientist, 34 (10): 38-43.

Honors and awards

  • GMB (Genetics and Molecular Biology), T32 training program, 2018-2019

Research experience

Undergraduate Research Assistant (summer internship), North Carolina State University, 04/2016-08/2016

Undergraduate Research Assistant, North Carolina State University, 08/2016-05/2017

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